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April 2012
Deal Me In

Bad Beat for the Book

Blackjack games that offer 6/5 for a blackjack and just not worth playing. You want to get maximum value for your blackjacks, James, and you do that by getting paid 3 to 2, not 6 to 5.

Deal Me In

Ah, Those Cash-Comp-Currency Calculations

What comps are NOT, Robin, is free. Because the house edge on slot machines is substantial, you are paying for your own comps with your losses.

Deal Me In

Where Speed Can Sometimes Outrank Craft

Some tournaments have both hand and time limits, so you want to play smart, but quick enough to make sure you play all the hands allowed. If the sessions are strictly time-limited, the Quick Draw McGraw player tends to do better.


Love Candlelight? Enjoy It Safely

Candles should burn for one hour for each inch of diameter. If you burn the candle for less time, the candle core will burn down the middle and the burn time is thus shortened.

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